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Preparation the research plan / research proposal ( general framework )

Preparation the research plan / research proposal ( general framework )

The research plan is the starting point and the first step in the preparation of successful master and doctoral theses. The success of the master's and doctorate research depends on the success of the research plan content that explains the idea of the study, its objectives its importance, and curriculum that is used. BTS Academy ensures with its distinguished staff and the expertise of its specialists to provide a full-elements research proposal ( the general framework of the study ), which includes mainly ( the study title, introduction, study problem, study questions, study objectives, study limitations, bibliography and references ) and other key parts that are determined according to the specialization and topic of the study , such as preparing a master thesis proposal in Curriculum and Teaching Methods in psychology, in kindergartens, computer science, education and other specializations, as well as we ensure providing a guaranteed accepted PhD research proposal. the most important aspects that destinguish the academy service of preapring of research proposals are the following: A detailed and clear research proposal. An accurate research proposal that covers all the essential elements An Adequate Plan in the quality, modernity and number of references that were used Review an appropriate number of previous and modern studies and which are closely related to the subject of the study Preparing studies proposals in both languages (Arabic or English). Do not hesitate to ask for the proposal ( research plan / general framework ) preparation service from BTS Academy specialists who has long experience in preparing research proposals for different universities by sending your order to the Academy e-mail.

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