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Preparation the Theoretical Framework for Master's and PHD dissertations

Preparation the Theoretical Framework for Master's and PHD dissertations

The theoretical framework is one of the main parts of any master's or doctorate thesis. It is often the second part and the largest part of the master's or doctorate thesis. It can be defined as the theoretical content of the study, as it is a summary of the texts taken from a number of modern references and sources that are revelent to the study subject. This chapter is divided into two main parts which are the literature review part which is a review for the theoretical literature on the subject and previous related studies part, which deals with summarizing the most recent studies that are closely related to the subject of the recent study and which are summarized according to specific criteria that is consistent with the summrising studies requirements in Masters and PhD studies , that commonly includes ( the study objectives, study methodology and data collection tools in addition to study main findings and recommendations. At BTS Academy for research & development, we offer the service of preparing and summarising the literatre review part all graduate students in various countries all over the world such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Egypt and Kuwait with the highest quality and with the assist of a speciallized team who are capable to prepare a similar theoretical framework in high quality by following the the strong academic writing style and standards ,in both Arabic and English and in various specializations. One Of the most important characteristics that destiguish the preparation the theoretical framework service for both master and doctoral thesis from BTS Academy are the following: Concerning about professional content rewriting Concerning about diversity of used sources and references . Conerning about the used references modernity . Pay attention to the proper documentation the texts according to the standards of the university, whether in APA referencing style , Chicago, Harvard, etc. Summarize the most recent and closest studies to the basic field of study Arguing and comparing the summarized studies Providing the theoretical framework in both Arabic and English language Submitting all the references used in the study Ensure offering the required amendment according to the supervisor notes Do not hesitate to ask for help from BTS Academy for research and development to prepare the theoretical framework. All you need to do is to send an email to the Academy that includes your requirement details.

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