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Discussing the Master's and Doctoral theses results

Discussing the Master's and Doctoral theses results

The last chapter of any thesis, which includes the outcomes or the results and conclusions of the study, is considered pretty short when compared to other chapters. Nevertheless, it represents a significant importance in the study as it includes the conclusions which the research has come up with; it is the goal which the study has sought after. Any researcher should realize the things that should be dealt with in the chapter of the results. It is never about realizing the results only as many might think, it is also about acquiring the wide knowledge and experience which helps the researcher to come to know the side that need to be concentrated upon and included in the results chapter. The results chapter usually presents a general review that encompasses the basic elements in the study; like the goals which the study sought after, the methodology used by the researcher to achieve the goals and the instrument used by the researcher to collect the information, and if the research was an analytical study, the researcher should also clarify the community and the sample upon which the study was carried. In the end, the researcher reaches to the point of summarizing the results of the study; in other words, giving a short hint about the most important and significant outcomes the research has come up with. More specifically, one of the most important issues that should be included in the results chapter is linking the results of the previous studies with those of the current one, and clarifying the similarities and differences between them. The results chapter should also include the recommendations which the researcher conclude in the study, which are most often directed towards the points which the researcher has found weak or shortened. The researcher usually ends the results chapter with suggesting a punch of future studies that he/she considers important to be searched in and studied thoroughly in the future because they represent a construction that kneels on the study results which he/she has figured out, and which will have the responsibility to cover the main subject of the study from other perspectives and scopes. The ability to do all the previously mentioned issues and steps is never an easy task. It requires that the scholar should have a high level of skills and potentials to put the ideas together in a proper, flawless manner. This is why alcanady for Scientific Research and Development has always been seeking to present a hand of help to all the students who struggle in the results chapter in order to conclude their studies with a clear and well-composed chapter that shows their high level of understanding of the research topic. All what you have got to do dear student is merely sending an e-mail that includes your detailed request to the academy.

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