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Designing the study tools

Designing the study tools

The study tool is the means that are used by the researcher to collect data and access the results of the study by analyzing the collected data. The mechanism for selecting the right tool is fundamental to the study, proper selection of the tool ensures that the results are correct, while the wrong selection of the tool leads to erroneous and incorrect results. Often the choice of the right tool depends on the methodology chosen by the researcher in order to achieve the goals. For example, in the descriptive approach, the researcher may use the interview as a tool for collecting data, in the analytical approach the researcher may use the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data, in the experimental appraoch, the researcher may combine more than one tool to achieve the objectives of the study such as the preparation the questionnaire and design the measurements as a means for collecting data. Design the study tool is done by reference to previous studies similar to the current study that the researcher is trying to conduct, the researcher uses the method in which the study tool was designed, the way in which it was presented, and the axes of the study were divided and the mechanism used by the researcher to describe the terms of the axes and the scale used by researcher to collect the data ( such as the Likert scale ). On the other hand, the researcher must ensure that the axes of the questionnaire covers the objectives of the study and is able to answer the questions of the study. The terms used by the researcher in the tool of the study must be clear to the reader, and free of any confusion or ambiguity that is difficult for the researcher to understand and assimilate, therefore, the researcher must review the attached study tool in previous studies similar to the subject of his study to ascertain what he is doing. If you face difficulty in preparing the study tools from an interview, questionnaire, training program, design a specific scale, preparation an achievement test or a note card, you may only request assistance from BTS Academy through its qualified researchers with high degree holders who are able to prepare tools efficiently and professionally. Just send an email to the Academy that includes your application in detail.

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