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Preparation of the methodology chapter of master's and PHD theses

Preparation of the methodology chapter of master's and PHD theses

The methodology represents the scientific method that is used by the researcher to achieve the study goals and objectives, as selecting the approbriate study method is a vital step in any study and cannot chosen randomly. This process need from the researcher to have a look on a huge number of references on various used scientific methods in different specializations in order to enable the researcher to choose the best method for the study topic. Choosing the correct research method ensures that the researcher achieve correct study results. Methodology is only a decription for the approach and steps that the researcher will use in order to achieve the objectives of his/her study and answer their questions. BTS Academy for research & development ensures determining the appropriate study methodology by following the up-coming stages and steps: Searching for the problem in the study that will be studied. Collect relevent information to enhance the understanding of the study subject, as the collection process raises a number of questions, which including the following : What is study importance theoretically and scientificly? What are the problems that involved in the subject that will be studied? What is the study aim? Who is the study targeted sample? By answering the above, you can identify the main points of the study and the basic ideas that you trying to address, from here, it is possible to determine the methodical path that the researcher will follow in order to achieve the study objectives. In order to ensure that you achieve the goals of the study correctly, and to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that you may face when determining the appropriate methodology due to the lack of knowledge and sufficient experience. BTS Academy for research and development provides for master's and PHD students, the service of preparing the study methodology with required competence and professionalism. Just what you need to do is to communicate with the Academy by sending an email that includes the required detail.

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